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 Professional nail art is too expensive? Or have no time to go?  Wholesale Mac Makeup .At home on besmear daub, color decoration do change. Family nail art of fun is to begin to move the brain, practice, in the mind inspiration spark into the tip of the real beauty, the fun is a professional nail art shop, get together to try to nail art home DIY!
Colour is the most basic, the most practical skills, is the foundation of nail art, is also the most people at home can own work steps, as long as the master of the following tips, 
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Cosmetic cotton, nail clippers, a skin softening oil and dead skin pushing, polished sand bar, base oil, nail oil, cotton swab, nail polish remover, top oil. 
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Nail art steps:

Step1: use the nail polish remover uninstalled nails old nail polish, reoccupy nail clippers or scissors trim.Wholesale Mac Makeup .
Step2: in the nail surface and refers to the edge with a skin softening oil, gently massage (if there is no softening oil, oil of high armor or hand oil can also).Wholesale Mac Makeup china.
Step3: if necessary, use dead skin gently push the refers to the edge of the thick skin back to edge, then use nail clippers prune away.
Step4: use the polished sand bar of frosting file out the ideal a form, garnish with polished surface gently burnish a plane (purpose is to grind away a surface oil content, make bottom oil and a more lasting oil) 
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Step5: base go after polishing powder, slap on the bottom oil, it can protect your true armour, also make you a more lasting smoothing effect of oil.Wholesale Mac Makeup .
Step6: first the tip of the coating again a oil, and then in the whole armour surface coating.Wholesale Mac cosmetics .
Step7: TuJia oil according to the middle, left, right step, three pen finish.Mac Makeup 
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Step8: wait until the first layer armour oil when eight, the second time, then can see the true colour of a oil.Wholesale Mac Makeup .
Step9: if there are edge overflow of armour oil, usable cotton swab with some nail polish remover to remove.Wholesale Mac cosmetics .
Step10: finally add coating quick-drying light top oil. Make the color and luster more bright, keep longer.
the rest of the coloured drawing or pattern, applique, set auger is you the space of free play after ather. Nail art and make-up, emphasis on practical operation and creation, skills, it's only a few elements, by practice, countless imagination and play now done can rich and colorful. Now there are a lot of easy to use, small tools, in Watson or cosmetics store can buy, use your head, the creation of the fun, online also has a lot of real tutorial can learn.Wholesale Mac Makeup store.
Everyone should understand that toenails and fingernails size is different, so when pruning should use the corresponding size nail clippers. The right nail clippers will help to cut out a more beautiful shape. If only use a nail clippers, use before and after application of alcohol wipe clean disinfection, because toenail often in constraint wet shoes, can make the bacteria tend to produce.
Daily work not drag sixty years surface, as long as every other day in a surface coated with top oil, can make color of nail polish keep longer and more beautiful.Wholesale Mac Makeup online.
A oil brand recommendation: OPI
At present the most popular and well-known professional nail art brand. Color is very rich, hundreds of color will ensure you find one of the most respected is OPI nail oil color full, lasting effect.

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